About Us

I have been in the beauty industry for many years, and now I wish I could give you some tips and suggestions I have learnt so far, from makeup artists and cosmetologists around the world.
I know how important it is to have a look that makes you feel better when you are a bit down or when you go out in the morning and want to conquer the world!
Being a huge animal lover, adopting cats, squirrels and every pet who needs shelter,
I believe that everyone can change the world into a better place, and this is the reason why I will promote cruelty-free products and mainly natural and organic.
I lost family members and some very close friends to cancer, so I wish I could convince women and men to use natural paraben-free products.
Many of the most important companies that we see advertised every day in media outlets don't care about this at all, as cheaper ingredients they use, more profits will be in their bank account.
They are sure that naive people will buy their products anyway, because of their fame and name, so we must fight against this attitude and push them to take care of our health and our animals, without thinking that their consumers are ignorant.
My mission is to create a Sanctuary where I can rescue abandoned animals and those in jeopardy because exploited in circuses, malnourished in private homes or those who will be euthanized in shelters because nobody adopted them, within their deadline.
I hope to succeed in this mission, thanks to your help and business.